Our Hearts
are as Big
as our Pizzas

The Worldchanger X La Famiglia, L’Osteria

To say L’Osteria means to say “La Famiglia” – at least as far as we are concerned! Since the value of family is deeply rooted in the company and lived with every single one of their employees and partners every day, it makes sense to treat all those who need a helping hand, a hug or simply a delicious, warm meal like family, too.

Starting on May 12th, 2022, together with L’Osteria, we will make it our mission to support families in need and unsung heroes and heroines to make the world a better place.

Our goal? To donate around 20.000 meals in order to introduce a “new form” of sustainability – one that’s big, round and delizioso.

In addition to pizza, pasta and amore, the focus lies on family. Not just in the classic sense, but also as a group of close friends, colleagues or as the human family as a whole.

To help those who need special support, L’Osteria and The Worldchanger work together with Caritas and Kinderherzen, as well as aid projects for people in Ukraine for this heart project.