A Message
From the Hoff
To All of Us on His 70th Birthday


„A Worldchanger Story by David Hasselhoff“

A real-life legend, David Hasselhoff, the most-watched man on television, the Nightrider and Mitch Buchannon from Baywatch, has traded his swimming trunks for a The Worldchanger Shirt. This time, he aims not to save people from drowning but to share a special message on his birthday:

Foto: David Hasselhoff on Instagram

 I turned 70 – my birthday wish and message to you all: It’s not always easy to make a difference … sometimes you fall, but in the end, it’s just a decision – everyone can be a #Worldchanger! Join the „Doing Good Club“.

Respect and peace. Love, David

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“Nobody said it’s gonna be easy to make a difference but it’s just a decision.”

“I support the spirit of The Worldchanger because I’m convinced – from the bottom of my heart – that every single person can make a difference. Sometimes, if you try to change something in the world or in your life, you might fail. The important part is to continue trying. So, we must encourage people to fail and continue anyways. It’s ok to fail. Just keep going. To communicate that message in an entertaining way, I have created this fun clip with the The Worldchanger team.”

David Hasselhoff



We hope you enjoyed this first video – more is yet to come 😉

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