are changing!

The Worldchanger X Eurimpharm

EurimPharm has taken its corporate slogan, ‘discover added value’, and made a promise to plant a tree for every pharmacy in Germany and Austria. An impressive “pharmacy forest” will emerge from 20,000 planted seedlings.

The forest is a symbol of our convictions. We believe the things we sow with love are sure to grow. As sure as the saplings we plant will one day be sturdy, tall trees, we’re convinced that awareness of ecological sustainability will grow significantly, too. In a few years the trees now being planted will make a significant contribution to climate change amelioration. In addition to planting trees, we are protecting 20,000 square metres of rainforest in Peru. These rainforests are known as the lungs of the planet, where some trees live up to 500 years. Nowhere else on earth can boast such rich biodiversity and the region is quite rightly known as the ‘cradle of life’.


Why 20,000 trees? Why are trees so important to us?

Trees are far more than just climate savers, and can filtre far more harmful substances than just CO2. Toxic substances like sulphur dioxide, formaldehyde and benzene are also filtred out of the air, while precious oxygen is produced! Every single tree is a genuine Worldchanger!

Side facts: A single tree can absorb up to 75% of the fine particle emissions in its immediate surroundings.
A tree is an effective air conditioner too. Air beneath its canopy can be as much as 15 degrees cooler than in the surrounding area. So, while a tree has the same effect as a conventional air conditioner, but it does so without consuming any electricity. One tree can achieve what ten air conditioners do, but without consuming 20 – 30 kilowatt hours of energy.

Can you imagine what a whole forest can do? Our 20,000-tree pharmacy forest will provide 250,000 people with oxygen.

Step by step towards a better world.